Life in the Time of Coronavirus: Bright spots (you must read to the end)

Hello friends,

Well, I am one week into my hardcore understanding that “social distance” means do not breathe on anyone with whom I do not live. Maybe you’ve just arrived at that understanding right this second, or maybe you’ve been there longer. For me, it’s about a week, the same one week since our freshman came home from college, and our 9th grader’s school closed its doors. My kids do miss their friends. But they love their grandparents, so they get the point and (mostly) do not complain about these extreme measures. To paraphrase my friend Monica, it’s only extreme if you’re willing to cull the elderly and immune-compromised population.

Let’s move on to the bright spots. And do please continue to the end.

1. Exercise with my kids. I credit Boredom for two milestone events: First, Aaron said yes to a sunset walk with me yesterday, just us. Second, this morning, Emmett joined me for a 20 minute yoga video. (We did Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube, it’s free. Adrienne is calming, not “precious,” and can start very slowly for beginners. Or try your local yoga studio and pay them so they can pay their teachers.)

2. Create. Writing to you now. Working on my work in progress. Planning a virtual book club for our community for Palisades Reads 2020. And made a dance video for pre-schoolers. (Will share when that link goes live, my dears.)

3. Play. My friend created an obstacle course in her backyard. We went to the beach with a football (only among family!) and will steal that obstacle course idea.

4. Connect. Zoomed coffee with friends. Zoomed with a gaggle of cousins (and learned we need a moderator for such a large group.)

Am hoping for a Zoom dance party, game night and, of course, a Zoom Seder. Will teach my mom to Zoom today. And I old-school called my cousin I haven’t seen in too long.

And, now, your payoff: my most Zen moment of the week: Watching my friend feed his baby on Facebook Live.

Be well and love the ones you’re with.



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