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Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books

  • Laura joins Zibby Owens’ award-winning podcast to discuss her 2015 bestselling novel, Shelter Us, and why she’s currently working on a memoir.

Forward Magazine

  • “The beautiful minutiae of life”

Expressing Motherhood

  • Laura speaks with host Lindsay Kavet about the creative process, how being a mom increased her creativity, and how as a young mom she struggled to write thirty minutes a week.

ConversationsLIVE interview with Cyrus Webb

  • Host Cyrus Webb: “The great thing about Shelter Us is that we’re able to see ourselves in it and take the journey along with the main character. And what a powerful read it is. What struck me is how real it is. As I was reading about it I thought, ‘Who could not relate to these feelings?'”

The Phillippe Matthews Show

  • Laura speaks about how we recover from loss, and how reaching out to help another person can bring them out of a dark place.

Max & Friends, LA Talk Radio

  • [Starts at minute 12:20] Laura discusses which parts of Shelter Us are most autobiographical, and how to help friends who may be grieving.

Guest posts and columns

Writer Unboxed

  • How journal writing prepared me to write a novel

Forward Magazine 

  • On gaining a love for Torah — and a Guatemalan daughter

Jewish Book Council, The Prosen People

  • How ancient tales shaped modern fiction

First Books Blog

  • Writing about what I feared most

Women Fiction Writers

  • On joining the community of women writer

Family Man Online

  • “What Dads Need to Know”

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