Essays & Interviews



How I Gained an Unlikely Love for Torah — and a Guatemalan Daughter 

Forward Magazine article on progressive Judaism and “taking care of the stranger”

The Power of Story: How Ancient Tales Shaped One Author’s Modern Fiction

Jewish Book Council, Prosen People guest blog

“Starting with a Journal” and writing about what I feared most.

Guest post on author Meg Waite Clayton’s 1st Books blog.

On Joining the Community of Women Writers

Guest Post on author Amy Sue Nathan’s Award-Winning Blog, Women Fiction Writers

 How Journal Writing Preparing me to Write a Novel

Guest Post on award-winning Writer Unboxed blog.

Parenting tweens and teens, columns for Felicity Huffman’s

Dealing with iPhones, misplaced children, and other joys of parenting.

“What Father’s Should Know,” columns for Family Man Online

As if I know.

Family Travel

What could go wrong?

Print and online interviews

Forward Magazine

The beautiful minutiae of life.

Long and Short Interviews

My favorite places to write, surprises in Shelter Us that aren’t on the back cover, and the scariest moments in my life.

Radio interviews

Expressing Motherhood

Host Lindsay Kavet and I talk about the creative process, how being a mother increased my creativity, and how as a young mom I sometimes struggled to write thirty minutes a week.

ConversationsLIVE interview with Cyrus Webb

Host Cyrus Webb: “The great thing about Shelter Us is that we’re able to see ourselves in it and take the journey along with the main character. And what a powerful read it is. What struck me is how real it is. As I was reading about it I thought, ‘Who could not relate to these feelings?'”

The Phillippe Matthews Show

Phillippe Matthews, “The Oprah of the Internet” talks with me about how we recover from loss, and how reaching out to help another person can bring one out of the well they may be in.

Max & Friends, LA Talk Radio

Start at minute 12:20 and going through minute 30, host Max Tucci asks about what parts of Shelter Us are autobiography, and goes in depth about how to help friends who may be grieving like the character Sarah. I loved the opportunity to share about

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