Travel Writing

After the suitcases are emptied and the souvenirs put away, memories remain — good,  bad and ugly. Thankfully, time transforms the good into great, the bad into hilarious…and the ugly into blogs.

Two Month Summer Road Trip

My family embarked on a two-month road trip in the summer of 2011. Beginning in Washington Crossing, PA, we exhausted New York City before conquering New England. You can read all about it in the posts below, and also on the award-winning website The Vacation Gals.

Washington Crossing: History (and Heat)

Tubing the Delaware River (aka “A Bad Idea Gone Good”)

Philadelphia Freedom

NYC: A Family Devours the Big Apple

New Hampshire: Live Free, Eat Pie

New Hampshire: Off the Grid with Minor League Baseball and Presidential Politics

New Hampshire: (Rope) Swingin’ in the Rain

Vermont: Freedom and Unity and Ben & Jerry

Vermont: Oh, Stowe!

The Long Ride Home: Burlington, VT to California (by way of Amherst, Massachusett; Redding, Connecticut; Alexandria, Virginia; and Washington, D.C.)


And some weekend travel in California…

Santa Monica, California: LEED Gold Standard Hotel

Wine Tasting in the Central Coast: Parents Paso Robles getaway!

Half Moon Bay: Chillin’ and Paddle Boarding

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