SHELTER US: a novel

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“I couldn’t put this lovely book down.”Christina Baker Kline, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Orphan Train

“Recommended for book groups….When Sarah sees a young homeless mother and her toddler in a stroller, she becomes fixated on helping them. It’s the first time she’s felt compelled to help anyone since her daughter died. Yet, even as she lies and deceives her husband about her actions, Sarah questions herself. Is she helping Josie and Tyler in order to find her own way out of darkness and ease her own hurt? When Sarah’s reckless actions lead her to betray her family, it takes two relatives to bring her back to sanity and reality, forcing her to realize what she stands to lose.”  – Library Journal

“A sensitively told exploration of layers of loss, isolation, motherhood, and marriage.  Diamond knows there are no easy answers and her portrait of Sarah is drawn by a skillful, compassionate hand.” – Aimee Bender, bestselling author of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

“A truly evocative story…a gift to read…a story that will stay with you.” –  The Write Review

“A beautiful novel that strikes every emotional chord—hope and fear, love and loss, betrayal and forgiveness. Laura Nicole Diamond is a talent. Her moving story will resonate with anyone who has ever walked past a homeless person and wondered, ‘Could I make a difference?'” – Lori Nelson Spielman, international bestselling author of The Life List

“What a beautiful, heartrending, ultimately hopeful story this is! It is gorgeously written, deeply felt, and set with such detail of character, plot, and emotion that a narrative about motherhood, loss, and the meaning of life becomes a true page-turner. Every element of this story rang true and deep, with its resolution built on compassion, forgiveness, and love the most salient of its themes. A deeply satisfying read that I heartily recommend, I will be sure to follow this writer to whatever is next. – Lorraine Devon Wilke, author of After the Sucker Punch and Hysterical Love

Shelter Us is a vivid, beautifully written tale of loss and renewal.”

Allie Larkin, bestselling author of STAY

“A novel that intimately and accurately penetrates the depth and intricacies of a mother’s loss is a very unusual gem to find. To find that in the context of a captivating story with momentous themes, as it is here, is a rare gem indeed. Shelter Us is a flawless diamond that reflects brilliant light into some of the darkest and most cryptic issues of our time, the tragedies of loss and homelessness. Improbably, this work of fiction not only makes us care more, but compels us to go out into the world and do more.”

– Susan and Wendell Whitmore, Parents of Erika, Founders of GriefHaven

“An author who is not afraid to tackle tough or sensitive issues. The characters are fabulous, flawed, brilliant and most importantly HUMAN….Laura Nicole Diamond is definitely an author to watch out for in the future!”

– Bibliobeth (full review here).

“How far would you go to help a stranger in need? What would you sacrifice for this help? Shelter Us attempts to answer those questions, filtered through a woman at the end of her emotional rope….A writer worth watching in the future.”

– Larry Hofer, book reviewer (Full review here.)

“Laura Nicole Diamond’s Shelter Us is beautifully written, at times more like prose poetry than novel. The most mundane moments become something different. This is what makes Diamond’s writing interesting, her ability to make art out of every moment. It is beautiful, engaging, quick reading, that resonates and illuminates. Not a summer beach read, but something to consider for those moments when you need to reflect. This is a book you will want to talk about. Great reading for book clubs.”

– Chick Lit Plus (Full review here)

Paperback  •  Audiobook  •  E-book