Everyday Heroes: Young Leaders

We delivered our college freshman to school this week, and it took a Herculean heroism on my part not to yank him out of his dorm room, whisk him into the rental car, haul him to the airport, and sequester him at home where he belongs. Instead, I gave him a fierce hug, re-read Kelly Corrigan’s N.Y. Times column, and amplified my gratitude for this beautiful healthy child, this kind young man with the self-discipline, independence, and patience to have navigated his journey to this point, with the courage and sense of adventure to leave home.

The actual heroes on my mind this week are the young people leading the world to act with urgency on climate change, kids leading ordinary lives pushed to take extraordinary steps.

While some child activists have become internationally known, other young heroes whose names you may not know are also leading the way, through consistent, persistent work, in small towns and big cities across the world. Please take a moment to read about, and be inspired by:

  1. Autumn Peltier (15) Manitoulin Island, Canada
  2. Mari Copeny (11) Flint, MI
  3. Xiye Bastide (17) New York, NY (by way of Mexico City)
  4. Isra Hirsi (16) Minneapolis, MN

[I found this article fascinating, on the “gender gap” in young climate activists.]

Climate change

Who inspires you? Please leave a comment and share the inspiration. Our world need every single act of big-heartedness it can get.

With love,


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