SHELTER US, the Audiobook.

By now, my friends and readers, you know that my Grandma Lilli figures big in my life. I say figures, present tense, because although she passed away nearly two years ago (the nerve of her!), she still has a lot to say to me, and I to share with her. Like this news:

Audiobook Announcement, Liza Fleissing FBLilli was one of my biggest boosters. She joined the book club at her “old folks home” just to insist that they read my novel when it came out. And they did — all four of them.

Is there an audiobook? they would ask me on every visit. Her fellow residents were a highly educated, well-read bunch, but their diminishing eyesight made reading books a thing of the past.

I am happy to finally answer, Why yes there is! It’s being recorded even as I type.

So for all fans of audio books — not only those with fading eyesight, but those who love to be told a good story, who want to be carried to another place while driving, walking, errand-running, living…the audiobook is on its way.

And if I could, I would call Lilli with the news, and she would say, “I can’t believe the whole thing!”

Link to the audiobook will be shared as soon as it is available! Paperback and e-book are available from independent bookstores near you, and that other place some folks buy books and e-books.

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