Writer’s Life: Nicole Waggoner


What have you learned from parenting, or from your own parents, that you bring to your work as a writer?

I’ve learned that the days are long and the years are short! I feel like I was a zombified new mommy one minute, and filling out Kindergarten enrollment for my youngest the next. In CENTER RING, I showcased both positive mother-daughter relationships and complicated ones, within the main characters’ story lines. I also wrote a scene juxtaposing what I call “mommier than thou” attitudes against true support for other mothers.

Where do you write?

I love to write in bright places or in coffee shops. The ideas always flow better in the fresh air and surrounded by fresh energy. My very favorite place to write (and to read) is on a patio or near water.

If you had a motto, what would it be?

Happy Hearts Can’t Lose/ Love is a Verb

I truly believe that your attitude dictates everything…especially in challenging situations.

Who inspires you?

I am always inspired by upstanders and everyday heroes. I am also inspired by highly successful people who stay humble and kind.

What charity or community service are you passionate about?

I am passionate about literacy outreach and advocacy, medical missions, food pantries, and academic/peer mentorship. Currently, I sit on the YMCA board of directors and wholly support the impact they make in our communities!

What are you reading now, and/or what book do you recommend?

Right now, I am devouring SOME WOMEN by Emily Liebert. It is my bribe myself to go to the gym read :).

Nicole Waggoner is the author of CENTER RING: A Novel (first in The Circus of Women Trilogy). Nicole is also a decorated teacher with 12 years’ experience teaching upper level English and Literary Criticism courses. She is proud to call her husband and children her biggest fans. The other loves of her life include green tea, great conversation over vino, all things theater, skipping the gym, women’s health, and a fanatical commitment to live her belief that love is a verb to be paid forward. Visit her at www.nicolewaggonerauthor.com


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