Book Review: “‘Before, Afdre, and After’ Strange title? Read on….”

I read Maureen Twomey’s “Before, Afdre, and After” in one evening, thoroughly captivated. It’s not just her story — suffering a stroke at age 33 — that hooked me, and not just the sheer achievement of being able to write after not being able to speak, but the astonishing sense of humor and wryness with which she tells her story. It is worth the read. You will not forget Maureen.

Maureen Twomey

(Eric Sinclair, author of Man, Dog, Stroke)

“‘Before, Afdre, and After’ Strange title? Read on….

Maureen Twomey was 33 in 2000 when she had a massive stroke. A young, energetic copywriter for an advertising agency with a great sense of humour, she had a promising career in front of her and was living life in San Francisco to the full … The stroke she suffered in June 2000 left her unable to read, write or speak, along with many of the other delightful consequences of a major stroke.

Do you begin to see the implication of that title now?

… Maureen’s story is a great example of the triumph of the human spirit over seemingly insuperable odds. Why not read her book for yourself? You will be moved and entertained.”

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