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I’m starting to feel like a braggy broken record: “My book! My book! My book!” But I have to remind myself of what I learned from the world-changing Op-Ed Project, an education organization out to increase the impact and presence of women’s voices in Op-Ed pages: the world deserves to hear what we have to share. With that, I give you more of my novel, Shelter Us.


Shelter Us, a novel, by Laura Diamond Shelter Us, a novel, by Laura Nicole Diamond

Penn Grad, Laura Nicole Diamond goes on tour with her debut novel, Shelter Us and we want to hear all the details!

Tell us about your ties to Pennsylvania. “Even though I grew up in California, I always wanted to experience the East Coast. I loved my four years at Penn (class of ’91), especially being part of the theater community with Quadramics, Penn Players and Art House Dance. Five years after graduation, I ran into Christopher Heisen (also Class of ’91, and a Mask & Wig member) at an alumni event in Los Angeles. We started dating…and this year we will celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. Christopher’s family had deep ties to Pennsylvania, and his mother, father, and grandfather all attended Penn. He grew up in Yardley, and most of his family lives nearby in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Main Line, and New…

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