Books Everywhere, For Everyone

Two book-related tidbits I’ve got to share, before I turn in for the night.

First, I have one more exciting book giveaway, the last before Publication Day, June 8! I appreciate the support of these authors. In the path to publication, I have found authors as a whole to be a generous, supportive bunch, oozing camaraderie. To reach the giveaway, you can go to my Facebook author page and click Authors You Need to Know About Giveaway tab, or just click on the “Shelter Us Giveaway” link in the right margin.


The second book-related anecdote I must share is the e-mail I received today from our intrepid 4th grade Room Parent — a saintly woman — who desperately sought to squeeze out one last burst of parental volunteerism on behalf of the school book fair (wherein our kids blow $40 on “educational” toys and erasers, and we parents wonder why there are no new books in their backpacks).

Her entreaty:

Final two days of book fair!!! Can you help out?  I know everyone is exhausted and it is the last thing you might want to do – volunteer again. But the kids love it!!!! And who wouldn’t want to handle a bunch of sweaty dollar bills and count tons of pennies?

I signed right up.

Happy reading, whatever’s on your bedside table…


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