Mother’s Day: Be Prepared

In anticipation of Mother’s Day…

It has been a magical seven years since I first published Deliver Me: True Confessions of Motherhood. Seven! My 9 year old was celebrating his first birthday when I began assembling motherhood stories as a project to save my sanity, not knowing what it would become.

I can say without bragging — because 19 of the writers in it are not me — that the book holds up. I am embarrassingly astonished that this is true. It’s a good little book! A shiny gem. My third baby.

If you would like to give Deliver Me: True Confessions of Motherhood as a gift — for Mother’s Day, a baby shower, or a birthday — I would be delighted to send you a signed bookplate to stick in the front. It is available on Amazon or Or, I’m going to go all full-service here, I can ship you signed copies myself, if you would like to order 2 or more.

Supplies are unlimited, so ask away!

You can let me know how many you want by e-mailing me at, or leaving a comment (click the little word box at the top right of this entry to leave a comment).

With love and appreciation,

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