Love Is in the Air

We’ve had the sex talk, my kids and I. It’s nearing the point where I’m going to start learning from them, heaven help me. The littler guy has demonstrated what passionate kissing looks like, with the help of a mirror.

“Where on earth did you learn that?” I asked.

Harry Potter,” he answered. (Which Harry Potter did I see?)

Ah, yes, the birds and the bees are the gift that keeps on giving. Today I’m pleased to have another of my stories shared on WhattheFlicka. It’s good for a few laughs, and provides valuable instruction on how to (and how not to) talk with your pre-schooler about sex, and — more importantly — how to keep said pre-schooler from sharing all he knows with his friends.

Go ahead and comment below or over there, if you like.

Thanks for reading and sharing, as always. And happy early Valentine’s Day.


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