Way Better than the Tooth Fairy: It’s “Dinovember”

I once read a great essay on the beauty and importance of believing in the Tooth Fairy (or Santa Claus or all such stuff): To keep the imagination alive. Once I read that, I vowed always to keep faith with the fantasy, even after my kids reject them. To this day, even as they harangue and batter me with, “We KNOW you’re the TOOTH FAIRY, MOM!!!” and even though they call up their grandparents to let them know they’ve lost teeth, because such pronouncements are followed by cash flow, I will not admit anything more than, “I am the Tooth Fairy’s helper.”

These parents take imagination to the highest, funniest, most genius level I’ve seen. I wish I’d seen this twelve years ago. But it’s never too late. PLEASE do yourself a favor and read about Dinovember, when plastic dinosaurs come to life in one home and get naughty.



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