Driving Lesson 101: Don’t Be An A-Hole

Good morning lady in the SUV tailgating me,

I want to start by saying you looked very nice this morning. Your lipstick agreed with your skin tone and your powder was smoothly applied. It helped  that you left only inches between your front fender and my rear one, so I could get a good look in my mirror. Your sunglasses looked all “Ponch and John” cool, and you drove like a CHP officer after a bad guy.

You seemed nice, so I gave you the benefit of the doubt, presumed that you were wrapped up in talk radio, not intentionally riding up my tail. I tapped my brakes to get your attention, hoping you’d back off. I misjudged you. The moment another lane opened, you peeled out and raced to be first to the red light we all got to wait at. Good for you.

None of us is perfect. We forget we are steering speeding masses of metal. So here’s a song to remind us all to take it slowly and pay attention. My friend Shannon likes to swear, so you’re warned:

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Happy (safe) trails to you,


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