DELIVER ME is Now on Kindle!

DELIVER ME is Now on Kindle! 

Deliver Me for Kindle

Some of you may be on your third or fourth Kindles. Me, I’m not a Kindle fan – it strains my weary eyes — but I get the attraction. Books! Now! In hand! No waiting! When the rest of my book group greedily downloaded Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings for our next selection, I had to settle for being number 230 in line on the library waiting list. (On the plus side, there are 20 copies systemwide!) If I don’t finish it in my allotted three weeks, I’ll have to relinquish it to number 231 in line, or knowingly keep an overdue book.

This happened last month to my twelve-year-old, who could not finish his 500 page tome in three weeks, what with homework and baseball and basketball and Wii. The man at the library advised him to keep it, finish it and consider the fine to be “rent.” We went with that. 

So while I am still Kindle-less, I am finally catching up to the rest of the modern world.

Deliver Me: True Confessions of Motherhood is now available on KindleReader reviews are here.

If you want to share it with a friend, however, you’ll have to loan them your whole Kindle, or get one in print. That’s one more reason to love books in print. You can pass them on.

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