Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

I’m thrilled to report I’m in the cast of Expressing Motherhood, coming up in May 2013. It’s going to be another emotion-filled, mind-blowing night of drama. And that’s just me leaving my house after dinner.

The Lillian Theatre:1076 Lillian Way, Hollywood, 90038
May 10th and 11th @8PM
May 12th @ 7:00PM.
May 17th and 18th @ 8PM
May 19th 7:00PM.

Ladies Night Out is Opening Night, May 10th at 8PM. For $25 you get a ticket, free glass of wine and a goody bag. Grab a friend and get your Mother’s Day weekend started off right. Get tickets (for any night) here.

The show is a series of monologues, written by the actors. Last time around I achieved something most people will never do: I shocked David Koff with my reportage of how I told my children about sex, including an answer to the question: “Mommy, what’s S & M?” (Thank you, Rihanna, and KIIS FM.)

What will happen this time? Come on out and find out!




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