Thieving Thursday: Tara Mohr’s 13 Questions for the New Year

Welcome to the second official installment of Thieving Thursdays, in which I steal, er, I mean showcase, some of my favorite writers, artists, bloggers, thinkers with you. Last week you got Southern Comfort Red Velvet Whoopie Pies from Jessica Heisen, The Copycake Cook.

This week you get a tool for reflection and inspiration, from Tara Mohr, feminist, writer, businesswoman, teacher.

I don’t remember how I came across Tara, other than to say I was on the web, clicking from one link to another, and lo and behold found something that spoke to me. I love when that happens. She’s smart and intuitive, and an excellent writer.

I’m happy to share with you Tara’s “13 Questions for the New Year,” which are really okay to ask yourself any time of the year. I haven’t made the time yet to sit and compose answers, but I found value in simply reading and thinking about them in a few spare minutes. I hope you find value in them, too. I’d be happy to hear from you about it.



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