Wanted: Powerful Older Women

Last night we saw Lincoln. The only thing more shocking to the House of Representatives than abolishing slavery was the notion that it could some day lead to the unnatural, ungodly practice of women voting.

Change is slow. S L O O O O O O W. Women vote, we elect Senators and Governors. (no Presidents.) But we still are less than. We are still bombarded with messages of what a woman ought to be — sexy and servile and scrubbing. (Really, watch fifteen minutes of television, no skipping commercials, then tell me if I’m wrong.)

We need countervailing messages of powerful, creative, self-confident women. We need role models. My nieces might look toward my generation. But my generation must look to our mothers. Grandmother power!

I really liked Tara Mohr’s article on this topic today. Inspiring to anyone who has ever felt like trying something new, but stopped themselves with the thought, “I’m too old to do that.”

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