Will Worrying About My Children Bring the Bad? Will Positive Thinking Bring the Good?

I wonder: When you spend a high percentage of time and emotional energy worrying about bad things that might befall your children – speeding cars, depression, illness – do you risk manifesting these, bringing these fears into being, or at least bringing your fear into your children’s hearts and minds?

And when you feel light in your heart and dwell on the happiness your children experience – the thrill of boogie boarding or skiing down a mountain, the delight of making a new friend, of discovering a great book, of taking a risk and accomplishing something they were scared to do – are you magnifying those beautiful achievements in their life, and filling their hearts and minds with joy?

I fall in the worrier camp. I have assumed that it’s what parents do. But do they all? I just read a terrifying/inspiring true story about a friend’s friend, a hit-and-run accident involving her son, causing brain injury, bones shattered. But after her initial terror, she became filled with hope, with the certainty borne of her gut instinct that her son would survive and thrive. Responses are coming in from healers around the world telling her similar stories of near-destruction and miraculous resurrections and lives well lived. Not disabled, but enhanced. And I think – isn’t THAT the attitude to walk around with. To be buoyed by hope not beaten by fear?

It’s not my nature. I’m a tad bit the cynic. But I do believe in the power of the mind to heal. I’ve seen it. It’s a struggle and challenge to favor optimism, but I’ve decided to find a mantra strong enough to overpower my natural fear. If you’ve got one, I’m all ears.

Pray, or wish, or shout out loud for this family and their still-fighting son.

One thought on “Will Worrying About My Children Bring the Bad? Will Positive Thinking Bring the Good?

  1. Laura, Worrywort Jujee hears you!! What a story! Recently, I heard Michael Smerconish on the radio review a book about a young man who was on a bicycle and hit by a car. Luckily, one of the nearby drivers was a trauma surgeon and helped him survive. Today, I believe the
    young man is in medical school! Miracles do happen but we all worry! Love, Joyce

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