That was fast.

Another Halloween disappears.

We didn’t hang our new string of pumpkin lights, and our remote control spiders never moved remotely, but we made our lemon tree spooky, with homemade white ghosts swinging from its branches. I sewed Aaron a Stanford Tree costume (although I went to Cal, and although I can’t sew) and helped Emmett create a UCLA Bruin football player. I pinned teabags to a witch’s hat–hello Christine O’Donnell (and goodbye). Christopher wore sneakers with a tuxedo—Emmett on Shabbat.

Once again, my kids put the trick or treating away early, eager to get home to hand out candy. They increased their bounty from last year’s high 30’s to the low 50’s, which pleased them…until  they heard their friends’ Monday morning boasts of 300 plus pieces of candy collected. One boy claimed to hit the thousand mark, to which some skeptical classmates responded simply, “Liar.” Emmett says he believes him. They’re in their bedroom now, trading candy with the girl next door.

So it’s November again. A new month, a clean slate. We anticipate fall here in Los Angeles, with a warm sunny day that reminds us of what we longed for this past summer. We get ready for parent-teacher conferences, for shorter days, for pumpkin pie. We  check homework, we marvel at the heights the school paper piles already reach, we sign up kids for winter sports. We say a fleeting hello/goodbye to a 14-year-old niece who stopped by, is busybusybusy, gottago, out-the-door. A river of heat rushes through the open door, and time whooshes right out with her. She’s on her way.

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