It’s coming . . .

It’s the Superbowl of enforced nice treatment: Mother’s Day. This Sunday I look forward to sleeping in (what else is new…thank you Christopher!), getting a bouquet of garden flowers, and eating homemade breakfast.

In anticipation of the big day, I confess, a question at the top of my list is—what do I want to do? Granted, it’s a fair question. I plan on making my kids do things they hate (arts and crafts? a loooong bike ride?) before doing things they love: jumping on their grandparents’ new trampoline, swimming in their new Jacuzzi, and watching endless ball games on the big screen.

Sounds great, no? But so self-indulgent! Here’s an antidote to balance things out: Pick a cause, any cause. All of us want to heal the world. All of us want to help a mother who doesn’t have our blessings. All of us want to help children who don’t have the resources ours do.

You probably already have a cause you support. But in case you’re looking, here’s a few more I’ve come across who would accept donations in honor of your mother, or anyone you choose. Happy Mother’s Day, to everyone who takes care of someone.

L.A. Diaper Drive provides free diapers (and parenting classes) to mothers who don’t have enough money to buy them.

Until There’s A Cure Foundation is committed to for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention education; care and services for those living with HIV/AIDS and vaccine development.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Susan Komen Foundation help fund research to cure cancer. and

Beyond Shelter helps homeless families get back into permanent housing and never return to homelessness.

Smart Beginnings/Easy Preventions helps pregnant teenagers who choose to have their babies stop the cycle of poverty, violence (and teenage pregnancy) through intensive education and support. Contact

Planeterra Foundation is a global non-profit dedicated to sustainable community development through travel and voluntourism, using micro-credit funds to help women start businesses to support their families.

For a few more, see the May issue of L.A. Family, p. 29, “Mother’s Day Gifts that Give Back,” (by the Editor, yours truly).

One last self-indulgent thing. Go ahead and get yourself a present. A massage, a special something. Might I suggest a book? They’re selling mine at Village Books. It’s right up front. Take a gander.

And Happy Mother’s Day.

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