Good Deeds and Good Eats

I am always drawn to non-profits that promise to help educate girls in parts of the world where that is not the norm.

This one — She’s The First — does just that. It popped into my world today thanks to

It doesn’t hurt that their fundraising idea involves cupcakes (or at least it can involve cupcakes if you’re into that sort of thing. My 30-Day Sugar-Free Dare has concluded — with only one piece of pie to my name! — so now I’m free to spread the word and the baked goods.)

Our family is thinking about charitable giving more lately, as part of our son’s Bar Mitzvah preparation. Every kid is encouraged to do something for others. With so much need, it’s hard to choose where to devote your limited attention and resources. So far he’s considered projects addressing childhood obesity, global warming, and disabled children. So, yeah, we’re narrowing it down.

In honor of his taking on this philanthropic responsibility, I’m going to do more, too. Check back from time to time to see what we turn up. And tell me, what organizations do you support that you’d like to share with other readers? I’d love to hear.